TV’s biggest night was also the talk of Facebook. 6.2 million people generated 10.9 million interactions on Facebook related to the 2014 Emmy Awards, and for the first time ever, fans also had the chance to directly ask stars questions on the red carpet using the Facebook Mentions Box.

During the weeks leading up to the show, fans submitted hundreds of questions for their favorite stars on the NBC and Access Hollywood Facebook Pages. During the Aug. 25 broadcast, stars including the Tonight Show’s Jimmy Fallon, Orange is the New Black’s Matt McGorry, and the cast of HBO’s Silicon Valley were just a few of the stars who answered selected questions using the Mentions Box.

Watch best actor nominee Matthew McConaughey reveal his childhood role model:

In addition to the Mentions Box, NBC also featured a Facebook Photo Stop, where Access Hollywood host Billy Bush directed stars to snap selfies before leaving the interview platform – and even showed off his gift for photobombing.

This collection of candid shots was featured on air:

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