By Rob Shaw, Strategic Partnerships, Sports

Derek Jeter’s retirement captured the attention of the US this summer – and people watched the story unfold on Facebook.

In February, the Yankee captain announced his retirement in a Facebook post, giving fans a place to join in the conversation and generating more than 145,000 likes, shares and comments on a single piece of content.

As conversation continued throughout the season, the Facebook Data Team took a deeper look, releasing a map that shows the distribution of Jeter fans in the US by location. While fans of “Mr. November” are heavily clustered in the Northeast, he’s also extremely popular in parts of the South, like Florida and New Mexico.

Jeter Fandom Map

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More than 9.5 million people on Facebook engaged in conversations around Derek Jeter from Sept. 1 to Sept. 25, including celebrities, international athletes and former presidents – with many chiming in via the Mentions app.


Throughout the broadcast of his final game, Turner Sports integrated interactive and social content from Facebook by asking questions on its Facebook Page, and by feeding the Hashtag Counter Feed through their production software to surface fan posts that featured the hashtags #Re2pect and #FarewellCaptain. Check out the Public Content Solutions program to learn more about the Hashtag Counter Feed and other tools.