By Bob Morgan, Public Content Solutions Manager, and Vadim Lavrusik, Public Content Manager

Hosting a Q&A is a fun way for public figures to start conversations directly with their fans on Facebook. And this week, BumeBox, a conversational marketing platform and new partner in the Public Content Solutions program, launched an experience that makes it easier for public figures and media organizations with massive fan bases to more easily create and moderate Facebook Q&As.

Singer Jackie Evancho hosted a Facebook Q&A using BumeBox’s social dashboard to surface thoughtful fan questions and track questions and answers to organize the Q&A progress. The dashboard makes it easy to view new questions coming in, drag them to a queue to be answered, and track the question and answers all from one place. This makes it easy for the host to focus on answering the questions in queue.


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More than 1,500 people submitted questions for Jackie, who saw more than a 100% increase in daily fan growth on her Page the day of the Q&A when compared to her average daily fan growth.

“We believe when executed properly, Facebook Q&A is the most authentic way celebrities can connect with fans, especially around media projects they are involved with including television, music, sports, entertainment and politics.” said Jon Fahrner, Bumebox founder and CEO. “Fans are less likely to drop out of a compelling Facebook Q&A with a consistent flow of interesting answers. We work hard to facilitate this type of experience.”

We’re excited to welcome BumeBox to the Public Content Solutions program and look forward to great experiences for public figures and their fans on Facebook. Learn more about Bumebox and its social dashboard by visiting You can also learn more about best practices for hosting a Facebook Q&A here.