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Cristiano Ronaldo Hits 100 Million Likes on Facebook

By Glenn Miller, Head of Sport and Entertainment Partnerships, EMEA

Cristiano Ronaldo just hit 100 million likes on Facebook, making him the most liked sports figure on the platform. To celebrate this milestone, Ronaldo shared a great video on his Page thanking his fans.

“I’m so honored to have reached 100 million likes on Facebook,” he said. “It’s amazing to achieve this incredible milestone and connecting with all the fans around the world. Their outstanding support inspires me and I thank them all.”

Since joining in 2009, Ronaldo has used Facebook to share some of his greatest accomplishments on the pitch as well as moments from his personal life with fans. Through his Facebook Page, fans are able to see what life is really like for one of the world’s most famous footballers.

Here are some examples of the authentic ways Ronaldo has connected with fans on Facebook:

To show just how large Ronaldo’s Facebook fan base truly is, we’ve put together an infographic with some interesting statistics. For example, Ronaldo’s 100 million fans could: