By Jason White, Strategic Partnerships, Broadcast

NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams usually asks the questions, but during a recent Facebook Q&A, his audience — and a few of his colleagues — got to return the favor.

Williams received thousands of questions and answered dozens of them during the two-hour Q&A, bringing humor and insight to the conversation as he addressed both silly and serious questions.

“As we crossed 1 million likes, we wanted to thank all of our loyal followers with something they could really enjoy,” said Dan Linden, a Nightly News producer. “All of us thoroughly enjoyed the experience and we hope to do it again soon.”

Here’s why it worked:

Audience Buzz
Before a live Q&A on Facebook, make sure people know about it. NBC News threw its weight behind the event and promoted the Q&A in advance from TV, the Nightly News Page, the NBC News Page and

Special Guests
The show rallied Matt Lauer, Savannah Guthrie and others from NBC News to jump in the conversation and have some fun too.

Candid Content
Q&As can help break down the barriers between TV stars and their audience, giving them access they otherwise wouldn’t have. People respond to and engage with authentic content.

Here are some highlights:

Brian Williams Q&A Comment

Brian Williams Q&A Comment

Brian Williams Q&A Comment

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