By Beth Loyd, Strategic Partnerships, Broadcast

Less than a week before Election Day, ABC7 Chicago hosted dueling Q&As on its Facebook Page with the Illinois gubernatorial candidates.

ABC7 promoted the Q&As on its Facebook Page and did several call-outs on air. Incumbent Governor Pat Quinn took questions from voters, hosted on the ABC7 Facebook Page on Wednesday night. On Thursday night it was Republican challenger Bruce Rauner’s turn. Each candidate got nearly 1,000 questions from curious voters, including some who said they were undecided.

Why it worked: This was a collaboration between ABC7 and the candidates from the start.

ABC7 Chicago loved the idea and ran with it and put resources behind promoting the event.The campaigns realized that this was a unique way to reach a set of voters, those who watch ABC7 or follow the station on its Facebook Page, who they may not have gotten to speak to directly before.

Facebook provided ABC7 support and guidance on how to best promote the Q&As, and BumeBox’s curation tool made it easier to highlight the strongest questions for the candidates. Learn more about managing a Q&A on Facebook with BumeBox here.

Here are a few highlights:



Facebook is one of the most important places for political discourse, and as we head into the 2016 election season, we think other news organizations will see these dueling Q&As as examples of how to use Facebook to host candidates and to engage voters.