By Dustin Cable, Facebook Data Analyst

People gather on Facebook to debate the issues, get news and information and easily engage with the leaders who make the decisions that affect their lives every day.

From July 10 through November 3, we’ve seen 28 million people on Facebook in the US generate 184.2 million likes, shares and comments regarding the midterm elections. Many of those interactions came on the nearly 1,000 Pages of candidates for Governor, the US House of Representatives, and the US Senate.

Here’s a list of the most talked-about candidates on Facebook over the last four months.

1. Rick Scott
2. Nancy Pelosi
3. Trey Gowdy
4. Scott Walker
5. Mitch McConnell
6. Paul Ryan
7. John Boehner
8. Charlie Crist
9. Greg Abbott
10. Mary Burke

You can also follow this interactive dashboard that shows how many people on Facebook are liking and discussing the candidates in races nationwide.

In addition, you can watch in real time as people around the US share with their friends on Facebook that they’re voting on our Election Day 2014 heat map.

This map represents people who shared on Facebook that they’re voting in the 2014 midterm election using the “I’m a Voter” megaphone. The information displayed has been aggregated, and personal information, like names, have been removed. The shade of the map corresponds to the total amount of people who have shared that they’re voting, while the size of each burst represents sharing activity right now.

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