By Brad Ferry, Strategic Partner Development

People are sharing and discovering videos on Facebook more than ever before. With this new monthly series, we’ll be posting a round-up of some of the most popular and interesting videos posted by Pages on Facebook from the past month.

Here are the 10 standout videos from November:

1. Fast & Furious debuted the brand-new trailer for Furious 7, the next installment in Universal’s Fast & Furious franchise.

2. The Olympic Games posted a throwback video of an impressive gymnastics routine from the 1970s.

3. Beyoncé gave fans a look at a clip from her newest music video, 7/11.

4. Good Morning America shared a clip of an upcoming special episode of Discovery Channel’s reality show, Naked and Afraid, featuring Seth Rogen and James Franco.

5. Disney’s Cinderella shared the new trailer for the upcoming live action version of the beloved classic.

6. NBA posted a video of Gabrielle Union videobombing her husband, Dwayne Wade, during his post-game interview.

7. CollegeHumor’s Cinderella recent parody of Tinder, dubbed Tinderella, A Modern Day Fairy Tale, went viral after it was uploaded to Facebook for the first time.

8. S3, or Street Style Society, a group of international professional freestylers, posted a video showing one of their freestylers doing an impressive routine with a soccer ball.

9. Taylor Swift celebrated sky-high first-week sales of her new album, 1989, by lip-synching to Kendrick Lamar.

10. ABC News shared some stunning footage of cars stuck in a snowstorm in Buffalo.

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