By Alex Walker, Consumer Content Manager, and Robert D’Onofrio, Data Editor

More than 65 million people joined the conversation on Facebook worldwide during Super Bowl XLIX this year, as the New England Patriots overtook the Seattle Seahawks, 28-24. With 265 million posts, comments and likes, this year’s matchup drove the highest level of conversation Facebook has measured for any Super Bowl.

Facebook’s data team looked at the volume of global conversation during the game, along with the top social moments, demographics, states where the event was discussed most, and the most talked-about players on Facebook.

This animation shows how conversation about the Super Bowl played out in real time on Facebook during the game. Displayed are the number of unique people per minute (PPM) talking about the Super Bowl in the US, along with a map showing which states saw the most engagement during key moments. All times are Pacific.

Top Social Moments
We took a deeper look at the public conversation around the event, and these were most talked-about moments on Facebook related to the Super Bowl:

1. New England Patriots win Super Bowl XLIX (1.36 million people-per-minute)
2. Katy Perry’s “Firework” finale at halftime (1.02 million people-per-minute)
3. Russell Wilson TD pass to Doug Baldwin gives Seattle 24-14 lead in the third quarter (701,000 people-per-minute)
4. Malcolm Butler’s game-deciding interception on the goal line with less than 30 seconds remaining (676,000 people-per-minute)
5. Jermaine Kearse’s catch late in the fourth quarter to set up a dramatic finish (656,000 people-per-minute)

Top States & Countries
55 million people in the US alone were talking about about the Super Bowl on Facebook. The conversation was loudest in these states:

1. New Hampshire
2. Rhode Island
3. Maine
4. Massachusetts
5. Washington

Globally, these were the top five countries talking about the Super Bowl on Facebook:

1. US
2. Canada
3. Mexico
4. Australia
5. Ireland

Most Mentioned Players
Patriots’ cornerback Malcolm Butler’s game-saving interception was one of the top moments. These five players received the most mentions:

1. Tom Brady
2. Marshawn Lynch
3. Russell Wilson
4. Rob Gronkowski
5. Malcolm Butler

Top Five Demographics

These were the most heavily represented demographics in the conversation about the game on Facebook:
1. Women 25-34
2. Women 35-44
3. Women 18-24
4. Men 25-34
5. Men 18-24

Athletes, entertainers, politicians and more all took to Facebook to post about the Super Bowl. Many used Facebook Video and Facebook Mentions to interact with their followers. Here are some highlights:

Patriots players Chandler Jones and Rob Gronkowski posted a post-Super Bowl victory shot in the locker room.

Gisele Bündchen, Quarterback Tom Brady‘s wife, used Facebook Mentions to cheer on the Patriots.

Lenny Kravitz posted a selfie with his police escort to the game.

Arnold Schwarzenegger shared his Super Bowl pick in a video with Facebook Mentions.

Kevin Hart posted a selfie with Will Ferrell from the stadium.

Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson reacted to his team’s loss on Facebook.

NBC Sports posted this video of Patriots fans doing their best #GronkSpike.

Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler kicked back during the game.

Earl Thomas, defensive back for the Seahawks, shared a photo of his daughter dressed up in a Seahawks outfit.

Colorado governor John W. Hickenlooper posted a photo with Katy Perry, this year’s halftime show performer.