By Dustin Cable and Alex Walker, Facebook Consumer Communications

Monday night’s final between Duke and Wisconsin was the most-talked-about NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship Game on Facebook ever, with more than 4 million people generating 9 million posts, comments and likes on Facebook about the game, worldwide.


Overall, this year’s tournament drove more conversation than Facebook has ever measured for the event, with more than 24 million people generating 76 million posts, comments and likes globally on Facebook related to March Madness between Selection Sunday (March 15) and Monday night’s Championship Game (April 6).

Facebook’s data team looked at the number of People Per Hour engaged in the social conversation throughout the tournament. The biggest moment overall was the final hour of the Championship Game, which peaked at 1.3 million unique people.

We also ranked the top social moments, demographics, and states where March Madness was discussed most.

Top Moments:

1. Duke wins the NCAA championship game
2. Duke advances to the championship game
3. Wisconsin advances to the Final Four
4. Michigan State advances to the Final Four
5. Round of 64 begins

Top Demos:

1.  Women, 25-34
2.  Men, 25-34
3.  Women, 35-44
4.  Men, 18-24
5.  Women, 45-54

Top States:

1.  California
2.  Texas
3.  Ohio
4.  North Carolina
5.  Kentucky

Note:  Over a third of active Kentuckians on Facebook participated in the conversation about the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament from March 15 to April 6.