By Devi Mahadevia, Facebook Sports Partnerships

Major League Baseball opened the 2015 regular season this week, starting with Cubs versus Cardinals on Sunday, and leading into Monday’s Opening Day for the other 28 MLB teams. Facebook was the go-to destination for millions of fans to connect and engage with each other, and the teams and players they care about, to discover great content about the week’s opening matchups.

MLB used Facebook Video to build anticipation for Opening Day by highlighting fans, athletes and teams. Combined, the League and teams posted numerous, mobile-optimized videos across their pages, featuring hype videos and highlights.

Baltimore Orioles and other teams posted in-game highlights and status updates such as, “watching Baltimore Orioles vs Tampa Bay Rays,” to drive awareness. Over a three-day period, MLB and teams racked up over 40 million video views and reached nearly 30 million unique people with the content they posted around Opening Day.

In addition, players like Mike Trout also posted to Facebook around Opening Day excitement and shared team videos:

Trout, via Facebook Mentions, also took to the comments section of the post to engage with fans directly:

Trout 1

Facebook offered fans a trending experience to better surface the great conversations happening in real-time and aggregating relevant posts, pictures, and videos around this week’s opening games.

Trout 2

Facebook’s data team also released maps detailing MLB fandom across the US by county. The Yankees are the most-liked team overall by county across the US, and have a plurality of fans in at least one county in 24 states.

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