By Michael Cerda, Director of Product

UPDATE 12/17/2015:  Facebook Expands Music Stories, Adds More Functionality and More Partners

Today Facebook Music Stories have expanded to support music previews streamed from Deezer, Napster, Rhapsody and KKBOX. This expansion also includes streamed audio previews from NPR. And to make listening even easier, this expansion also includes the ability to listen to a stream from these services in a Music Story while browsing Facebook. Listen & Scroll functionality aims to make it easier for people to discover and listen to more music from leading music services. Music Stories, which currently work on iOS, will also begin rolling out on web.



UPDATE 12/10/2015: Facebook Expands Music Stories and Tests Podcasts with Serial

Today, Facebook Music Stories with Apple and Spotify have expanded to 100% of people on Facebook using the iOS app who have installed the latest version. This expansion includes a test with podcast previews of Serial, upon the launch of their much-anticipated second season. With this test, shared Serial podcast previews will be available on Facebook, allowing people to sample Serial, as well as easily link to listen on iTunes. Additionally, Serial will employ Facebook’s Instant Articles format to publish supplemental interactive story material each week on Facebook.

If you are interested in learning more about Music Stories, please let us know by clicking here.


ORIGINAL POST 11/05/2015: There are few things people love more than music. People find out about it from artists and friends alike, and they love to share their discoveries. Today we are enabling better music discovery and sharing on Facebook.

On the Facebook iPhone app, songs and albums shared from the leading music services will become “Music Stories,” a new post format which allows people to listen to a 30-second preview of the shared song (or album) while on Facebook. The preview is streamed from either Apple Music or Spotify (depending on the source of the link shared), and can be purchased from or saved to the respective music streaming service.

The previews from Apple Music and iTunes are available directly through Facebook. If you want more, click through to stream full tracks on Apple Music or add music to your library with a single click to purchase through the iTunes store. The previews from Spotify are also available directly through Facebook. If you want more, click through to stream full tracks on Spotify or add to your library without leaving Facebook. We will expand Music Story support for additional streaming music services soon.

We hope by making this experience better, artists will share more, friends will share and engage more, and music will become a better part of the Facebook experience overall.

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