By Rob Shaw and Devi Mahadevia, Sports Partnerships

October is over. Ten teams played a total of 36 games in this year’s Major League Baseball postseason, and finally crowned a single champion, the Kansas City Royals, on Sunday, November 1. Baseball fandom is big on Facebook, as we showed you with this national map at the start of the season. The 10 teams in the playoffs alone boast a combined 25 million Facebook Likes. Their fans and millions more drove a massive amount of social conversation on Facebook in real-time during the games.

We collaborated with MLB, FOX Sports, seasoned sportswriters, and others, throughout the postseason to provide MLB fans on Facebook with some unique content and creative ways to express support for their favorite teams.

Show your fandom with MLB frames

MLB fans on Facebook got a new way to show their team spirit ahead of the World Series with custom team frames for Facebook Profile Pictures. The League designed team frames for Kansas City Royals and New York Mets, and then worked directly with the product team here at Facebook that announced new expression tools for Profiles in September.


The feature allowed fans to set a temporary version of their profile picture with the new frame, which reverted back to the previous photo at a specified time. In other words, fans could set the frame to “expire” in the time frame of their choosing, whether it’s one hour or one week. (Really loyal fans could choose “never”)

Interact with legends and sports journalists ‘live,’ in-game on Facebook

MLB on FOX teamed up with Facebook during the World Series for a series of ‘live’ video chats during the games with some of its big-name talent. With the game tied 0-0 in the second inning during Game 2 in Kansas City, Hall of Famer Frank Thomas appeared in a live video chat on MLB on FOX’s Facebook Page to answer questions from sports fans.

Former All-Star, Raúl Ibañez, engaged with fans ‘live’ on Facebook during Games 3 and 4 at Citi Field.

MLB on FOX host, Kevin Burkhardt, went live from Citi Field in Game 5. The videos each reached more than two million sports fans and averaged 800,000 views.


Sportswriters “Talkin’ Baseball” on Facebook

Some notable baseball journalists from across the country provided in-game commentary on their Facebook Pages during Game 3 of the World Series.  Participating journalists included NBC Sports’ Joe Posnanski, Sports on Earth’s Will Leitch, and Sports Illustrated’s Joe Sheehan.

MLB Network playoffs coverage features Facebook data from Signal

Prior to the MLB playoffs, Facebook introduced Signal to many news partners eager to surface relevant trends, photos, videos and posts from Facebook and Instagram for use in their storytelling and reporting. MLB Network utilized data in the tool to help tell the story of which players captured the attention of people on Facebook, including a heat map to illustrate key pockets of fandom throughout the nation.


MLB playoffs were loaded with laughs on Facebook

New York Mets had plenty of star power cheering them on throughout the season. Former Saturday Night Live star, Jim Breuer, stood out for his loyalty, offering recaps after every game. His Facebook videos not only attracted millions of views, but also captured the attention of the broadcasters, as he was featured in Turner Sports playoffs coverage.

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld posted numerous videos as well, including this reaction to the Mets winning the National League pennant on October 21.

While Mets fans came up on the short end of the Series, thanks to Breuer and Seinfeld, at least the orange-and-blue faithful enjoyed the last laugh.