By Paul Beddoe-Stephens, Partner Product Lead, 360 Video

In the five months since 360 video launched on Facebook, we’ve seen a broad range of organizations and creators using 360 and VR to bring a new perspective to their storytelling — from charities and athletes to journalists and movie studios. This month, with runway shows happening around the globe, we wanted to shine the spotlight on how designers, creators and publishers are bringing 360 video to a new area: fashion.

While the shows in New York, Paris, London, and Milan are packed with the celebrities, fashion buyers and the media, we’re seeing creators capturing unique aspects of Fashion Week via 360 video so that people around the world can experience the runway right on Facebook. With these videos you can go behind the scenes of a fashion shoot, get a first-hand look at the action happening on the runway, and see a designer’s creative process.

You can watch these 360 videos right on Facebook, on the web, Android and iOS. To explore the scene, drag around the video with your cursor or your finger. On mobile, you can even just turn your phone or tablet sideways to move around within the video. People using a Samsung Gear VR and supported Samsung smartphone can also play Facebook 360 videos in their Gear VR for an even more immersive “front row” experience. Simply click “Watch in VR” in the top left corner of the video, place the Samsung phone in the Gear VR headset, and it’s like you’re there.

See below for some examples of great fashion-inspired 360 videos from Fashion Week. Every day, 360 video and VR storytelling continues to evolve and reach more people, and these videos show some of the ways that designers, brands and publications continues to push this medium forward.

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