By Christian Rôças – Entertainment Partnerships, LATAM

Big Brother Brasil, one of the most successful television shows in Brazil, got to the 16th edition this year. This time, they used Facebook in innovative ways to further involve the audience in the story and drive engagement to the show. On the final episode, broadcasted on Tuesday (April 5th), they involved the participants in a marathon of Live videos.

Live videos from inside the house

Every week, one participant leaves the house. Before reaching the world out there, one of their first contacts with fans is on BBB’s Facebook Page, where the eliminated participants broadcast Live videos talking about their thoughts and emotions just after the elimination.

Big Brother Brazil started using Live videos even before the show went on air, showing the participants expectations in their hotel rooms, like this one:

Everyone on Facebook

From day one, the audience was able to reach and follow all the participants of the show on individual verified Facebook Pages. The Pages enabled fans to talk directly with the participants and their families, showing their support and opinions about the game and keeping in touch after the elimination. The participant Pages were creatively used to show each one’s journey in the competition, with images, videos and milestones posts.

Ana Paula, participant of BBB16

Big Brother Marathon

In the last night of the show, participants were invited to broadcast Facebook live videos to recall their best moments in the show and make predictions about the winner. And on the day after, Globo gathered all the participants in the TV studio to broadcast a series of interviews, retrospectives and Q&As, the Big Brother Marathon. In parallel with TV broadcast, they used Live to connect the stars with fans on Facebook. The live videos summed up nearly 4 million views in the first 24 hours.

The winner of this season goes live right after the show ended:

Big Brother Marathon on Facebook: