Since rolling out Facebook Live to people and publishers around the world, we’ve seen incredible adoption and engagement with the new format.

We’ve been inspired by the creativity we’ve seen so far, and with this bi-weekly series, we’ll highlight some interesting Facebook Lives from the past two weeks.

Here are 10 standout live videos:

 1. Fantastic Beasts exclusively debuted the trailer for the Harry Potter prequel on Facebook Live ahead of a global cast Q&A at San Diego’s Comic Con, which connected fans in London, San Diego and around the world via the Live API.


2. ABC News went live with gavel-to-gavel coverage each night of the Republican National Convention, sharing exclusive, real-time data during the major speeches.


3. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert used Facebook Live throughout both conventions, finishing off by broadcasting a live blind date between a Hillary Clinton supporter and a Bernie Sanders supporter.


4. Washington Post Politics went live with their reporters Julie Zauzmer and Janell Ross talking about the conventions and taking questions, while Julie created balloon caricatures of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.


5. MTV News announced the nominees for the Video Music Award‘s Video of the Year, Best Hip Hop Video, Best New Artist, Best Male Video, and Best Female Video first on Facebook Live.


6. The New York Times’ Jim Rutenberg interviewed Samantha Bee on Facebook Live from the Instagram Mini Oval Office at the Democratic National Convention.


7. Astronaut Buzz Alrin did his first-ever Facebook Live Q&A to celebrate the anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing.


8. CNN‘s Kate Bolduan went live with an interview with Anastasia Somoza, a disabilities advocate who stole the show on Monday night of the Democratic National Convention.


9. NowThis Election editors interviewed presidential candidate Gary Johnson via Facebook Live at the DNC.


10. Gucci Mane hosted a series of Facebook Live videos on his Page in the lead up to the release of his new album “Everyone Looking.”