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Rio 2016 Opening Ceremony on Facebook

Throughout Rio 2016, Facebook will represent a global stadium where people come to connect, as well as be informed and entertained during the world’s biggest sports moments. For the first time, we’ll be updating the Facebook Media blog throughout the Olympic Games with key stats on the top social moments from Rio 2016.

During the Opening Ceremony last night, fans came to Facebook to buzz about their favorite players and teams and to cheer on their countries. In Brazil, 15 million people had 40 million interactions, and in the U.S., 12 million people had 23 million interactions.

Across the globe, 52 million people had 109 million interactions related to the Opening Ceremony.

Countries with the highest percentage of Monthly Active People who engaged with the Opening Ceremony:

  1. Brazil – 13% of the country’s monthly active people
  2. Argentina – 7%
  3. Mexico – 7%
  4. USA – 6%
  5. Peru -5%

The content most engaged with from the Opening Ceremony came from Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal:


Other Facebook highlights from the Opening Ceremony: