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New Video Metrics: Understand the Audience and Engagement of Your Facebook Videos

By Anaid Gomez-Ortigoza, Product Manager

All kinds of publishers post video on Facebook to engage, inform, and entertain people. We’re always listening to feedback from publishers, and we’ve heard that they want to learn more about their audiences to help build their content and business strategies.

Today we’re announcing new video metrics in Page Insights and Video Library that help publishers better understand who’s watching their videos, how audiences are engaging with Live video, and how sharing contributes to video distribution. These updates give publishers actionable data to help them create videos that forge stronger relationships with their viewers and engage new audiences.

Audience demographics

When people discover videos that are personally relevant to them, they tend to watch those videos longer. With new audience demographics, publishers will be able to learn more about the people who are most engaged by their content, allowing them to tune their content strategy.

Publishers will now be able to break out minutes viewed by age, gender, and top geographic locations. Moreover, publishers will be able to compare and contrast demographics for a specific video with typical video viewers on that Page. Find the demographic data in the new ‘Audience and Engagement’ card in Video Insights; this will be available for all videos, including Live and 360.


Top Audience



Top Locations


Viewer engagement with live video

For the first time, publishers will be able to see how aggregate audiences engaged at specific points during a Live broadcast and see when they were moved to react to, comment on, or share the video.

These new metrics show the volume of reactions, comments, and shares throughout a Live video, helping publishers analyze viewer sentiment and identify the most compelling moments. A publisher can simply select a moment of interest on the engagement graph, and can easily watch the corresponding video clip. To access, go to the new ‘Audience and Engagement’ card and select the ‘Video Engagement’ section; these metrics are exclusively for Live videos.


Video Engagement: All Reactions, Comments and Shares



Video Engagement: Isolated Like Reactions


Video viewing from shares and crossposting

When people like a video, they’re more inclined to share it with their friends, which helps get that video in front of new people. Recommendations from friends are powerful: in fact, 48% of video watch time on Facebook comes from shares.

Publishers will now be able to understand more about how sharing impacts distribution of videos and what kind of content compels people to share. For all videos, publishers will be able to access breakdowns of views and minutes viewed from the original video post versus shares and crossposts of the video. This new breakdown is part of the existing ‘Minutes Viewed’ and ‘Views’ cards.


Breakdown of Views from Owned Page, Shares and Crossposting


We hope that these updates help publishers understand and build their audiences on Facebook more effectively. They will start rolling out today and will be available to all Pages in the next couple of weeks. The new metrics are also available via the export and the Insights API. We look forward to hearing about how you put them to use.