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Street Art Comes Alive with #InstawalkRio

Rio de Janeiro is not only the destination to see the world’s best athletes compete in the Olympic Games 2016 this month, but also home to sensational street art.

On August 9, Instagram, in partnership with some of the biggest names of Brazilian art and graffiti, launched an initiative to showcase the city’s most creative outdoor artwork. Instawalk Rio is a walkable route of over 50 works scattered throughout the streets of Rio.

Five artists, Acme, Luiz Zerbini, Raul Mourão, Rita Wainer and Vik Muniz, were commissioned to create new artwork ranging from huge graffiti and collages, to urban installations such as a whale-shaped wooden swing.  All of these can be found close to the Olympic Torch at the Olympic Boulevard in Orla Luis Paulo Conde in downtown Rio de Janeiro and the Lapa neighborhood.

In addition to the map created by Instagram, each of the five artists have created their own Instawalk routes to drive the Instagram community to some of their favorite works in Rio.

“We want to surface these works and show everyone how rich the street art in Rio de Janeiro is. We built this project to appeal to Brazilians, tourists and a community of over 500 million people on Instagram who will not necessarily manage to come to Rio, but will get to experience a bit of local culture through @InstawalkRio,” said Christian Rôças, head of strategic partnerships for Instagram in Brazil.

Here are some photos and videos from the event, as shared on Instagram:

Vik Muniz talks about what has inspired him to create his art piece:


Acme finalizing his graffiti:


Rita Wainer and her art piece:


Using the hashtag #InstawalkRio, the Instagram community in town can also share their unique point of view on the various street art works and different routes, opening endless windows in Rio to the world. This initiative is supported by @visit.rio, an amazing Instagram account run by the City of Rio.

Take a look at examples of the past work of select artists who are part of the map, from their Instagram accounts: