Facebook Media

How Instant Articles Benefits Local News

By Beth Loyd and Jason White, News Partnerships

Across the country, local news publishers and broadcasters are finding that the quick load times and immersive storytelling features of Instant Articles help readers engage with their content more than ever before. Whether it’s two-year old digital upstart Billy Penn, TEGNA Media, which owns and services 46 television stations nationwide, or Gray Television, a company that started as an Albany newspaper in 1897, local publishers believe regional content is uniquely suited for Facebook. And after several months of publishing near all their articles in this new, immersive format, they believe Instant Articles is an incredible way to deliver that content to readers.

Discover how several local news publishers are using Instant Articles to change the way they publish and monetize stories.

Publishing Made Easy

For many local publishers, delivering a quality multi-platform storytelling experience can be challenging at times. But the simple setup and publishing options of Instant Articles make it easy for small newsrooms looking to publish quickly without changing workflow.


Lifting Local News

When a great article starts to take off on Facebook, the speed and native engagement options of Instant Articles has the ability to amplify the story’s reach. Some local publishers use Instant Articles for that added lift, while others use it in conjunction with other Facebook tools to increase overall engagement.


Monetizing Local Followings

Instant Articles help monetize the active and growing Facebook audiences local publishers have cultivated over the last several years. The immersive native experience drives more distribution than the mobile web, and the high-quality ad formats generate value for advertisers and revenue for publishers.