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Live, Masks, and Stories at Brazil’s 2017 Carnival

By Pedro Vilhena, Music Partnerships, Brazil and Claudia Gurfinkel, News Partnership, Brazil

Last month, Carnival brought millions of people from around the world on Facebook and Instagram together to enjoy one of the biggest celebrations on the planet. In Brazil, masks, costumes, parades, balls, and street parties from all over the country were seen and shared through Facebook Live, 360, Instagram Stories, and many other creative ways.

As a result, there were more than 900 million interactions on Facebook and 400 million interactions on Instagram related to Carnival between February 24 and March 1.

In Brazil alone, 63 million people on Facebook generated 710 million interactions and 21 million people on Instagram generated 287 million interactions.



Brazilian pop star Ivete Sangalo brought her Carnival perspective to Instagram Stories, sharing pre-Carnival shows, her performances on the moving stages of “trio elétricos” in Salvador, the honor of being featured in Sapucaí, and the official champions parade in Rio. Sangalo had the most watched video on Instagram during the Carnival period when she put on a clown costume and mingled with regular people in the streets, revealing the surprise on the following day.

During the period, she also scored the Carnival post with biggest interactions on Facebook with a photo album of her participation in Grande Rio Samba School’s parade and appeared two times in the top 5 ranking of the most liked images on Instagram posing alone and with her family.

Claudia Leitte, another pop star and one of the main performers at Carnival in the city of Salvador, brought her tour to Facebook sharing Lives and daily highlight videos. The singer talked to her fans in a personal and intimate way, such as sharing her expectations while on the way to her first show of the season. Her Live reached 3 million views and was also one of the celebrity posts with more interactions during the festivities.



Many media outlets in Brazil had creative and dedicated coverage of Carnival on Facebook Live, allowing people to connect in real-time with celebrations from all over the country, in cities like Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Salvador, and Recife.

Globo News, for instance, attracted special attention broadcasting the first Live 360 in Latin America, taking the audience inside street parades in Rio.


O Globo went live on Facebook up to 18 times in a day with highlights from festivities in Rio. When one of the Carnival cars lost control in the middle of the most famous parade in Rio, O Globo’s reporter went live from his mobile phone to bring the latest information to their audience.


Jornal do Commercio, Jornal Extra, and BandNews were other outlets that shared daily videos highlighting the most important moments of Carnival, including coverage of street parades and costume showcases.



Quem Acontece magazine installed a Live Studio in a VIP area at the “sambódromo” to catch up with celebrities watching or participating in the Samba School’s parade in Rio de Janeiro.




Editora Abril’s fashion and celebrity magazines, Cosmopolitan, Elle Brasil, and Veja Rio, used Instagram Stories and Instagram Live to cover celebrities at Carnival.


G1 produced Instagram Stories with behind-the-scenes content of São Paulo’s and Rio’s Samba School parades, giving a different perspective to their audience.



To start the party mood, people had an exclusive greeting in their News Feed on the first day of the celebration. Two new Carnival masks were  also launched to everyone on Facebook Live. And on Messenger, people could enjoy Carnival with a mask, frames representing different countries that celebrate the event, and a falling confetti effect.

News Feed


Facebook Live Masks


One of the Messenger’s Carnival frames.