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Spotlight on Local News: March 9, 2017

By Josh Mabry, News Partnerships

Local news publishers across the country use Facebook to deepen their relationships with readers by sharing the stories that matter most to their community. This month, we highlight how local outlets across the country covered February’s extreme weather events including California’s floods, tornadoes in Texas and Louisiana and a New England blizzard.

In no particular order, here are a few standout moments from this month of extreme weather.

On February 9, a major blizzard hit New England. Here are three outlets that went live to report the conditions to people across the Northeast.

1. A reporter at the Sun Journal, a Maine newspaper based out of Lewiston/Auburn, mounted a camera on his car’s dashboard to give a live look at street conditions during the blizzard.


2. The Cape Cod Times went live from Town Neck Beach, showing the rough surf conditions and 40mph wind hitting Cape Cod Bay.


3. Meteorologist Dan Amarante went live from the rooftop of Fox 61 in downtown Hartford, Connecticut to show the aftermath of the blizzard and to warn travelers about high winds.


Torrential rains drenched California throughout February. These local news organizations shared stunning videos of floods near Los Angeles and San Francisco.

1. ABC7 Los Angeles shared a video from its broadcast of a truck making its way through several feet of water on Highway 5.


2. The Mercury News used drone footage to showcase the worst flooding San Jose had seen in years.


3. NBC Bay Area shared a clip from its broadcast discussing mandatory evacuations.


Tornadoes devastated areas of Louisiana and Texas. These local outlets used Facebook to warn viewers of the oncoming storm, and showed the destruction these tornadoes left in their wake.

1. NOLA.com shared incredible footage of a massive tornado as it made its way through New Orleans East. They followed up that video by showing video of the aftermath taken using a drone.


2. KENS 5 & Kens5.com provided a digital tour of the various tornadoes that touched down near San Antonio. The video cut between infographics about the tornado with footage from inside destroyed homes.


3.  KHOU 11 News went live to warn its audience of oncoming tornadoes across the Houston area.


Local News Case Study:  The Kansas City Star Goes Live To Help Royals Fans Mourn 

John Sleezer, photojournalist for The Kansas City Star, found just enough reception from the streets of Las Terranas, Dominican Republic to go live on Facebook during the funeral procession for 25-year-old Royals pitcher Yodano Ventura. For more than 45 minutes, Sleezer filmed the procession that started with Ventura’s teammates, friends and family carrying a coffin through the town and ended with a ceremony on the pitching mound where he first learned to play baseball. Fans across the city mourned in the comments as journalists from The Star, ESPN, and MLB used the live video to inform their own stories about the funeral.

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