By: Piyush Mangalick, Partner Engineering Director

We’ve continued to have meaningful conversations with publishers as part of the Facebook Journalism Project to better serve the needs of news publishers and readers on Facebook. Media executives told us about the challenge they face using multiple platforms to share their stories – more distribution formats create more content management costs. And developers who attended our Facebook Journalism Project Hackathons in New York and London also asked for a way Instant Articles could support other major publishing formats.

To address this, we’re excited to introduce an extension to the open source Software Development Kit (SDK) used to build Instant Articles; the SDK will now also build content publishable as Google AMP and, soon, Apple News articles.

The updated SDK transforms the markup publishers use to create Instant Articles to generate the code needed to build these other formats, removing what we’ve heard can be a resource-heavy step in publishing on multiple platforms. With an easy way to get from one markup format to another, publishers can then plug-and-play the markup in their content management systems or third party publishing tools.

Our documentation has details on how to use the extension.

The SDK already enables developers to easily integrate publishing Instant Articles into their content management systems. By supporting a gateway to generate content across platforms, we’re also making it easy for publishers to apply some of the custom styling templates in AMP and Apple News that they have created in the Instant Articles Style Editor. For example the custom formats, like fonts, colors and captions, that publishers have designed in the Style Editor, will be closely mirrored in the other formats.

This new flexibility with Instant Articles is part of our commitment to open standards of collaboration with the community. Our goal is to give publishers control over extending and modifying the Instant Articles building blocks to be the best storytellers on every platform.

The SDK extension for Google AMP is now available and transformations for Apple News will be ready in the coming weeks as we learn how these tools can best support our partners.