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Spotlight on Local News: June 12, 2017

Local news publishers across the country use Facebook to deepen their relationships with readers by sharing the stories that matter most to their community. This month, we used CrowdTangle’s newest feature that lets you rank Facebook posts by all six reactions — love, like, sad, haha, wow, sad, and angry. Below, we highlighted some of the month’s high-performing videos across each reaction.

UNC-TV followed around Doris Jenkins, a North Carolinian who works at the Topsail Post Office by day and her roller rink at night, as part of their ongoing “My Home, NC” series.


The Tennesean shared the inspiring story of Cornersville Middle eighth-grader Luke Terry, whose arm was amputated, but has kept playing baseball at high level.



ABC-7 Chicago looked at 68 dogs, currently living in an adoption center, after they were rescued from a puppy mill in Northwest Indiana.


The Miami Herald profiled housekeeper Odelie Paret and how she’s forced to commute four hours to work because of rising rents around Miami Beach.



NBC12 profiled a local pest control company as they dealt with one woman’s home that became infested with snakes.

When a four-year-old autistic boy fell in a pond in Topeka, officer Aaron Bulmer jumped in to save his life. The Topeka Capital Journal shared footage from the bodycam of the officer during the heroic rescue.


ABC30 reporter Corey James tried out the new Guardians of the Galaxy ride at California Adventure and wasn’t prepared for how scary it’d be.


NJ.com put together a short, tongue-in-cheek, video outlining the five sins of New Jersey drivers.


PIX11 went live when 37,000 gallons of oil spilled into the East River in New York City.


Syracuse.com captured video of the demolition of Hungry Chucks, a legendary local institution.


The San Diego Tribune took video as 200 cattle were herded through downtown to promote the San Diego County Fair.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram capture the heartfelt moment when two kids throwing out the first pitch of a baseball game realized the catcher was their dad returning from serving for six months overseas in the Air Force.


Case Studies

How The Times-Picayune Became a Digital-First Newsroom

We recently chatted with both the editor of The Times-Picayune and the social director of NOLA.com about how they transitioned a 180-year-old newspaper to being digital first. They take us through the evolution of how a story that started from Facebook Live ended up on the front page the next day’s paper. They also talk to us about the challenges of shifting culture and what strategy they pursued.

Brut Shares How They Went From 0 to 80 Million Monthly Video Views In Just Six Months

Brut, a six-month-old French digital video publisher, is already surpassing the country’s biggest news outlets in terms of social engagement, particularly amongst millennials. CEO Guillaume Lacroix takes us through how Brut has approached using video on Facebook to become a major voice during the French elections.

Recent Product Updates

Instant Articles SDK Extension now Supports Google AMP, soon Apple News

We’re excited to introduce an extension to the open source Software Development Kit (SDK) used to build Instant Articles. The SDK extension will now also build content publishable as Google AMP.

Enabling Closed Captions on Facebook Live Broadcasts

We recently announced that we now support the display of closed captions on Facebook Live broadcasts — a milestone in making video on Facebook accessible to all members of the community.