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Asia Pacific News Literacy Group identifies first round of projects to fund under Facebook Journalism Project

By Campbell Brown, Head of News Partnerships

This week I was honored to join the first meeting of the Asia Pacific News Literacy Group, a part of the Facebook Journalism Project. The group brought together 40 experts from the Asia Pacific’s newsrooms, publishers, education institutions and third-party organizations to discuss and identify initiatives that will help people be more discerning consumers, creators and sharers of media.

The Asia Pacific is home to world’s largest mobile and internet population, and yet has some of the most connected and least connected consumers in the world. As a platform, Facebook wants people to have meaningful conversations, to be informed and to be connected to each other. We care a great deal about creating a healthy news ecosystem and supporting quality journalism, and we know that there is more to do on and off our platform.

For me, the discussions we shared at the Asia Pacific News Literacy Group highlighted how important it is that we listen to our industry partners, newsrooms and third parties, so that we become a better partner and advocate to those who work each day to provide accurate information to their readers.

Facebook is proud to support the initial projects, as identified by members of the Asia Pacific News Literacy Group. These projects mark the start of our partnership with industry to address the challenge of supporting news literacy in Asia Pacific, which include:

These projects complement Facebook’s work across Asia Pacific to support digital newsrooms. Since we launched the Facebook Journalism Project globally, our teams have conducted News Day workshops with newsrooms in Indonesia, India, Hong Kong and the Philippines. We will continue to offer e-learning courses to journalists and future journalists in the region, and in local language to support local news teams.

We believe that news literacy is a global concern and by working together with our global partners from the News Integrity Initiative and the Asia Pacific News Literacy Group, we will help more people make informed decisions about which sources to trust.

We are only at the beginning of our work to promote news literacy in the Asia Pacific, and we look forward to working with the newsrooms and journalists in the region to build a more informed community.