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Introducing the Justice League effects to the Facebook camera

By Mike Arcuri, PM Camera Effects Platform

With the beta release of AR Studio, innovative entertainment companies have started to bring their characters and worlds to life through “mainstream augmented reality” and the Facebook Camera Effects Platform. Today, we are very excited to announce five new camera effects Warner Bros. has released in support of their new film, Justice League. Try them yourself today by opening the Facebook camera, tapping the magic wand icon to open the camera effects tray, and tapping the “mask” category to view augmented reality masks.

The Justice League is a force that is stronger together. Warner Bros. knew no single camera effect could capture the power of the whole group, so they’ve delivered immersive super hero effects for the whole team and linked them together through a handy switcher menu. With these effects, fans can use the Facebook camera to become Aquaman, Batman, Cyborg, Flash and Wonder Woman and wield their super-hero powers! Raising your eyebrows in any of these camera effects triggers the current character’s special traits, showcasing the immersion and interactivity enabled by AR Studio.

To achieve the highest quality possible, Warner Bros. worked with actual movie CG assets optimized to run in the camera. We’re honored to have Warner Bros. as the first film studio to design and develop major motion picture camera effects using AR Studio and the Camera Effects Platform. And this party is just getting started – we look forward to introducing many more fun, innovative, and expressive effects in the months to come. Justice League is coming to theaters near you on November 17!

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