14 Million People Watched The Trump Tower Climber on Facebook Live

By Beth Loyd, News Partnerships and Peter Roybal, Product Manager

On August 10th, more than 80 news organizations used Facebook Live to cover the breaking news that a climber was scaling the side of New York City’s 58-story Trump Tower.

In addition to the volume of Facebook Live videos themselves, the number of viewers watching the story unfold in real-time was also high. 14 million unique people around the world watched the climb live on Facebook, and 2.5 million unique viewers in the U.S. watched at least one minute of the 80+ live broadcasts. While the majority of the Facebook Live viewers were in the U.S., there were many watching from around the world as well. Other top countries with viewers tuning-in included: United Kingdom, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, Ireland, Italy, Australia, and Germany. (more…)

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The Live Blog: August 23, 2016

Since rolling out Facebook Live to people and publishers around the world, we’ve seen incredible adoption and engagement with the new format.

We’ve been inspired by the creativity we’ve seen so far, and with this weekly series, we’ll highlight some interesting Facebook Live videos from the past week.

Here are 10 standout live videos: (more…)

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Rio 2016 on Facebook: A Look Back on the Top Moments

Over the past two weeks, people came to Facebook to show support for their favorite athletes and countries, find the best immersive content and coverage of the Games, and celebrate with family and friends. With last night’s Closing Ceremonies, the world’s biggest sporting event came to a close. To celebrate, here’s a a look back at all of the special moments that made Rio 2016 one of the most social and interactive sporting events yet.

Across the globe, 277 million people had 1.5 billion interactions related to the Olympic Games. (more…)


How News & Entertainment Publishers Used Facebook Live During Rio 2016

Throughout the Olympic Games, news and entertainment publishers have turned to Facebook Live to share major events and interviews with their audiences. Whether broadcasting in realtime as the Olympic torch makes its way through the Rio streets or showing raw and unedited photos from inside the Olympic swimming pool during final races, these outlets are using Facebook Live to give people immersive experiences from on the ground.

Below are a few examples of Facebook Live videos created by news and entertainment media in Rio: (more…)


Best of Facebook Live During Rio 2016

Over the weekend, U.S. gold medalist Michael Phelps went live on Facebook before his final race to answer questions from his fans and to announce his retirement. Since then, the video has gained over 3.8 million views. The popularity of the video showcases the excitement fans have had interacting with Facebook Live. In honor of Phelps’ video, here are a number of other highlights from the Olympic Games we’ve seen on Facebook Live to bring you directly to the arenas in Rio.

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The Live Blog: August 16, 2016

Since rolling out Facebook Live to people and publishers around the world, we’ve seen incredible adoption and engagement with the new format.

We’ve been inspired by the creativity we’ve seen so far, and with this bi-weekly series, we’ll highlight some interesting Facebook Lives from the past two weeks.

Here are 10 standout live videos: (more…)

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Rio 2016 Week 1: The Biggest Moments on Facebook and Instagram

It’s hard to believe that the first week of Rio 2016 is coming to a close. Whether you are in Rio or not, Facebook and Instagram are the best places to follow your favorite athletes and teams, celebrate your country, and get an exclusive all access look into the Olympic Games like never before. This week, Facebook and Instagram announced collaborations with the IOC, Rio 2016, and over 20 official broadcasters and National Olympic Committees, spanning more than 10 countries participating in the Games to continue our commitment to giving the global stadium a front row seat to the biggest sporting events.

Here are some of the top moments and people we saw on Facebook: (more…)


Street Art Comes Alive with #InstawalkRio

Rio de Janeiro is not only the destination to see the world’s best athletes compete in the Olympic Games 2016 this month, but also home to sensational street art.

On August 9, Instagram, in partnership with some of the biggest names of Brazilian art and graffiti, launched an initiative to showcase the city’s most creative outdoor artwork. Instawalk Rio is a walkable route of over 50 works scattered throughout the streets of Rio. (more…)

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New Publisher Tools for 360 Video

By: Paul Beddoe-Stephens, Partnerships Lead, Facebook 360

Since we started rolling out 360 videos in News Feed last September, more than 250,000 360 videos have been uploaded to Facebook. As more and more people immerse themselves in 360 video experiences, we want to help publishers and creators better engage their audiences and learn more about how they respond to their 360 videos.

Today we’re introducing two new tools for publishers sharing 360 video on Facebook:


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New Video Metrics: Understand the Audience and Engagement of Your Facebook Videos

By Anaid Gomez-Ortigoza, Product Manager

All kinds of publishers post video on Facebook to engage, inform, and entertain people. We’re always listening to feedback from publishers, and we’ve heard that they want to learn more about their audiences to help build their content and business strategies.

Today we’re announcing new video metrics in Page Insights and Video Library that help publishers better understand who’s watching their videos, how audiences are engaging with Live video, and how sharing contributes to video distribution. These updates give publishers actionable data to help them create videos that forge stronger relationships with their viewers and engage new audiences.



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