Transitioning to the New Comments Plugin

By Varun Bhartia, Product Manager

This week, we will be updating all previous versions of the Comments Plugin to v2.3 that was announced at F8. This new version includes a refreshed Comments Moderation Tool with new UI, layout, and better spam controls, as well as changes on the Comments front end such as a cleaner design to make the plugin compatible with more sites and optimized for mobile.

This update will happen automatically, so your app/site will have the benefit of the plugin’s new, updated look and functionality without any work required to make the change. (more…)


New Videos Tab in Page Insights

By Anaid Gomez-Ortigoza, Product Manager

As video continues to grow on Facebook, we want to provide video publishers with tools to help them better understand their performance and inform their strategy.

Today, we’re announcing a new Videos tab in Page Insights, which will enable video publishers to more easily determine the overall performance of their videos across custom date ranges. (more…)


Using Author Tags to Grow Your Audience

By Vadim Lavrusik, Facebook Product Manager

Journalists use Facebook to share news as it happens and provide analysis to deepen the reader’s connection with their work. By implementing the Author Tag on their websites, publishers can make it easy for Facebook readers to start following the author of an article they just read and enjoyed. This is a web development tool that connects the byline in a story preview in the News Feed to the writer’s Page or Profile with Follow. (more…)


2015 NBA Finals on Facebook

By Kevin Cote, Devi Mahadevia and Evan Shugerman, Strategic Partnerships – Sports

It was one of the most-anticipated, most-watched NBA Finals of all time, with the action on the court certainly living up to the hype. And as Stephen Curry, Steve Kerr and the Golden State Warriors lifted the Larry O’Brien trophy after their Game 6 victory over LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers, the curtain closed on yet another memorable NBA Playoffs.

NBA fans drove record-level conversation on Facebook, with 32 million people generating 173 million posts, comments and likes around the final six games, making this year’s tournament the most-talked-about NBA Finals in history. (more…)


2015 Copa América Kicks Off on Facebook

By Felipe Kozlowski – Sports Partnerships, LATAM

A year after the World Cup, football fans across Latin America are donning their national team jerseys once again as the 44th edition of Copa América kicks off in Chile. Whether you’re watching the opening match from the Estádio Nacional in Santiago, or glued to a telecast half a world away, Facebook is where millions of passionate fans are joining the conversation to connect, engage and discover relevant content about the tournament. (more…)


Can’t Miss Videos: May

By Brad Ferry, Strategic Partner Development

People are sharing and discovering videos on Facebook more than ever before. With this monthly series, we’ll be posting a round-up of some of the most popular and interesting videos posted by Pages on Facebook from the past month.

Here are the 10 standout videos from May: (more…)


2015 Indian Premier League on Facebook

By Saurabh Doshi, Facebook Media Partnerships – India

Facebook brought millions of cricket fans together during the 2015 Indian Premier League (IPL) season, sustaining the momentum of the 2015 Cricket World Cup. More than 29 million people generated 312 million posts, comments and likes about the IPL Season 8 on Facebook between April 1 and May 24, worldwide. (more…)


Introducing Instant Articles

By Michael Reckhow, Product Manager

Today we’re excited to introduce Instant Articles, a new product for publishers to create fast, interactive articles on Facebook.

As more people get their news on mobile devices, we want to make the experience faster and richer on Facebook. People share a lot of articles on Facebook, particularly on our mobile app. To date, however, these stories take an average of eight seconds to load, by far the slowest single content type on Facebook. Instant Articles makes the reading experience as much as ten times faster than standard mobile web articles.



Can’t Miss Videos: April

By Brad Ferry, Strategic Partner Development

People are sharing and discovering videos on Facebook more than ever before. With this monthly series, we’ll be posting a round-up of some of the most popular and interesting videos posted by Pages on Facebook.

Here are the 10 standout videos from April: (more…)


Mayweather vs. Pacquiao on Facebook

By Evan Shugerman and Devi Mahadevia, Strategic Partnerships – Sports

After several years in the making, May 2 marked what was billed as the “Fight of the Century” between welterweight boxers Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. After organizers announced the match-up in late February, it quickly became one of the most anticipated events of 2015, driving massive conversation on Facebook. On the day of the event alone, 37 million people on Facebook had more than 115 million posts, comments and likes related to the Mayweather v. Pacquiao bout. (more…)