43 Million People Joined the Election Conversation on Facebook

By Dustin Cable & Arjun Wilkins, Facebook Data Analysts

Since July 10, 43 million people generated 272 million posts, likes and comments related to the midterm elections and the candidates who ran for office. On Election Day, 27 million people in the US generated 85 million interactions, including people who used the “I’m a Voter” megaphone to share they voted with friends.


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Cosmopolitan Launches Video Series Exclusive on Facebook

By Meghan Peters, Strategic Partnerships, News

From making a midday snack to nailing the perfect smokey eye, Cosmopolitan aims to help its readers live their everyday lives better — and with a little humor.

That’s why the magazine launched Hacksmopolitan, a new video series. Published exclusively on the Cosmopolitan Facebook Page, the series takes a comedic spin on basic lifestyle tips. It’s geared toward Cosmo’s core audience of twenty-something females and pokes fun at the “life hacks” or “how-to’s” often featured in online videos.



Watch the Midterm Elections Unfold on Facebook

By Dustin Cable, Facebook Data Analyst

People gather on Facebook to debate the issues, get news and information and easily engage with the leaders who make the decisions that affect their lives every day.

From July 10 through November 3, we’ve seen 28 million people on Facebook in the US generate 184.2 million likes, shares and comments regarding the midterm elections. Many of those interactions came on the nearly 1,000 Pages of candidates for Governor, the US House of Representatives, and the US Senate.


Politics & Influencers

ABC News Reaches 10 Million People on Facebook With Ebola Town Hall

By Beth Loyd, Strategic Partnerships, Broadcast News

ABC News reached more than 10 million people with a recent town hall held with Facebook to answer questions from the public about Ebola.

George Stephanopoulos anchored the event and guests including ABC News Chief Medical Editor Richard Besser answered more than a dozen questions asked by people on the ABC News and Good Morning America Facebook Pages. ABC News promoted the town hall on-air during Good Morning America, posted a call-out for questions on its Page, and then streamed the event live on ABCNews.com , gma.yahoo.com and Facebook.



Michelle Phan Uses Facebook Video to Promote New Book

By Lauren Schnipper, Strategic Partnership Development, Trends & Emerging Talent

Beauty entrepreneur Michelle Phan turned to Facebook to promote her first book, Make Up: Your Life Guide to Beauty, Style and Success – Online and Off.

To give people a unique look inside of her book and help drive pre-sales, Phan uploaded a short trailer for each chapter to her Facebook Page, which collectively drove more than 1.26 million views.



How JustGiving Used Facebook to Drive $100 Million in Donations

In this guest post, we get a behind-the-scenes look at how JustGiving’s Facebook integration drove $100 million donations to causes in one year. Read the Just Giving Case Study about their success and learn more about how to integrate your cause with Facebook.

By Rosalind Holley, Head of Brand at JustGiving

JustGiving is the world’s fastest growing social platform for giving, helping causes to reach more people, inspire more action, and ultimately raise more money.

We are excited to announce that in the past 12 months, more than $100 million has been given to good causes as a result of our integration with Facebook. It’s an extremely powerful demonstration of how people are using our technology to show they care.



Turner Sports and Facebook in the MLB Postseason

By Rob Shaw, Strategic Partnerships, Sports

Turner Sports wrapped up its live coverage of the American League Championship Series (ALCS) as the Kansas City Royals swept the Baltimore Orioles 4-0 to advance to the World Series. Facebook was the first social media company to be “embedded” in Turner’s live production during the MLB Postseason, working hands-on with broadcast producers to create more than 20 on-air integrations of Facebook and Instagram content. Turner Sports had a unique opportunity with Facebook, becoming the first broadcaster to use a new suite of on-air tools developed by Facebook Public Content Solutions (PCS) partners. Facebook has hired staff with extensive television production experience to work alongside broadcasters.