Malala Reacts to Nobel Peace Prize Win on Facebook

By Libby Leffler, Strategic Partnerships, Influencers & Causes

On Friday, Oct. 10 2014, Malala Yousefzai became a Nobel laureate and the world’s youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner.

Malala took to the official Malala Fund Facebook Page to share her reaction to winning the Nobel Peace Prize, calling the award a great honor and “encouragement for me to go forward and believe in myself.” She shared her remarks in English, Pashto-language and Urdu-language through videos posted to the Malala Fund Page.

In the first 24 hours, more than one million people viewed Malala’s live remarks on Facebook.



BumeBox Creates Tool For Managing Facebook Q&As

By Bob Morgan, Public Content Solutions Manager, and Vadim Lavrusik, Public Content Manager

Hosting a Q&A is a fun way for public figures to start conversations directly with their fans on Facebook. And this week, BumeBox, a conversational marketing platform and new partner in the Public Content Solutions program, launched an experience that makes it easier for public figures and media organizations with massive fan bases to more easily create and moderate Facebook Q&As.



How Networks Are Using Facebook Video to Promote Fall TV

By Kelly Michelena, Strategic Partnerships, Broadcast & Melinda Arons, Strategic Partnerships, TV

It’s good to be a TV fan right now. We’re living in a golden age of the small screen, and this season features an endless lineup of new and returning shows starring major talents.

But as much as people like watching fall TV, they really like talking about it on Facebook. Last night’s launch of ABC’s #TGIT (Thank God It’s Thursday), the powerhouse trio of the Shonda Rhimes-led Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and the brand new How to Get Away With Murder generated 4.5 million interactions made by 2.3 million people.

Networks are using Facebook to drive discovery of new shows and create new ways for viewers to engage with the ones they already love. One of the most innovative ways we’re seeing shows reach fans is through video – which takes advantage of seamless auto-play – by posting sneak peeks, exclusive clips and behind-the-scenes segments, like The CW’s video series, The Cwestionator, which gives fans the chance to get to know the cast members behind their favorite shows.



Facebook Partners with Billboard on Gridiron Grooves

By Jonathan Hull, Strategic Partnerships, Music

Bob Marley and the Chargers. Bills fans listening to Paul and Ringo. Cheeseheads with LMFAO on their playlists. Are Texans’ fans more “Texan” than their Cowboys counterparts because they prefer George Strait over Shakira?

Facebook and Billboard are looking at the music preferences of NFL fans in a feature called Gridiron Grooves: Favorite Artist for Facebook Fans of Every NFL Team, which matches favorite bands and musicians with team loyalties of football fans based on Pages people have liked on Facebook. What surprises you?



Tom Brady’s #TBT and Devin Hester’s Thank You to Fans

By Angel Gonzalez, Strategic Partnerships, Athletes

One of the best ways to connect with fans on Facebook is to start with great content. Sharing photos and videos, responding directly to fans and communicating with them in an authentic voice are all key ways to drive engagement. Fans of the the New England Patriots’ Tom Brady and Atlanta Falcons’ Devin Hester responded positively to a couple of Facebook posts recently, and I’d like to go into detail about why they worked.



Introducing Facebook Media

By: Nick Grudin, Director of Media Partnerships

Every day, content creators around the world — from digital publishers, to public figures, to video producers — use Facebook to connect with their audiences in innovative ways. They reach new fans, start conversations and share stories. In the process, they make Facebook more vibrant.

At Facebook, we are committed to building a platform to make these connections broader, richer and more dynamic. That’s why today we are introducing Facebook Media — to highlight great examples and new trends illustrating how public figures, organizations and media are using Facebook to connect with their audiences.